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                                                                                               All Rights Reserved



Volume One                                                                   Winter 1998-Spring 1999                                                               Numbers 3-4.





     Elvira Díaz Vallina and Julio César González Pagés

     Department of History

     Facultad de filosofa e historia

     Universidad de La Habana

     L & San Lazaro, Vedado

     Havana, Cuba

     Published online: December 15, 2016





This article sketches historically the roots of Cuban feminism relative to complaints about the legal codes.  Additionally, it examines the voices of intellectual women in the Nineteenth Century through their first organized expressions in the early decades of the century.  Concentrat­ing on the role of women in the insurrection and the revolutionary process before and after the triumph of January 1959, the article discusses the potential threats posed by the current economic and social in Cuba to the great gains that women have achieved.  The painful re-emer­gence of prostitution, its causes, and aspects of its dimensions as a social problem are discussed.


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