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Global Development Studies is a multi-disciplinary refereed journal providing timely, detail analyses on a wide spectrum of global policy issues relevant to the requirements and challenges of the 21st century.  The subject matter ranges from the study of the collective choices facing humanity to the social and human cost of national and global transformation.

Global Development Studies welcomes contributions that discuss these issues and examine their implications particularly for the African and Caribbean regions.

Global Development Studies views the current logic of globalization and the increased emphasis on shifting paradigms as clear indications that the major paradigms and intellectual culture which dominated our conceptions, formulations, and analyses of national and global policy issues in the last fifty years are at least inadequate, if not completely irrelevant, in analyzing the process (es) of global transformation.  Theoretical and methodological contributions which improve policy formulations and analyses are welcomed.

Global Development Studies encourages policy makers and scholars in the African and Caribbean regions, as well as other regions, to utilize its forum as they address the need to articulate new and well defined visions and strategies for the current and future challenges facing the African and Caribbean regions, as well as other regions.

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