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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             DEVELOPMENT STUDIES

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Volume Five                                                                   Winter 2007-Spring 2008                                                              Numbers 1-2.




      Harihar P. Bhattarai

     Department of Sociology and Anthropology

     North Carolina State University

     Raleigh, North Carolina

     Published Online: February 10, 2017





Realizing the socio-cultural variations of the concept “sustainable development,” the article attempts to determine the meaning of this global concept in the Nepalese context. With the analysis of some pertinent aspects of equitable sustainable development such as environment, health, population, education, science and technology in Nepal’s geo-political, socio-cultural and economic background, the article suggests that Nepali problems and prospects should be studied in their own milieu. With proper analysis followed by the implementation of modest people-oriented programs, the sustainable development of Nepal can be a real possibility, rather than an economic luxury or an impossible task. However, the people of Nepal need an informed understanding of their characteristics as a unique nation, a sympathetic appreciation as well as balanced judgment of their culture and tradition, and a willingness to step out of their accustomed mode of thinking to practically address the key sustainability issues.


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