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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             DEVELOPMENT STUDIES

                                                                            Copyright © 1999 International Development Options

                                                                                               All Rights Reserved


Volume One                                                                   Winter 1998-Spring 1999                                                               Numbers 3-4.




     Jorge Ramon Cuevas

     Calle Rodriguez #57 e/Fomento y Ensenada


     Ciudad de La Habana 7, Cuba

     Published online: December 15, 2016





Cuba's diversity of flora and fauna is sketched, showing that its large quantity of species is matched in impressiveness by the per­centage of species native to only Cuba and/or the archipelago of Cuban islands.  The article makes the point that all global struc­tures and productive processes are relevant to one another and to various ecosystems of land and sea.  It also calls for greater sharing of the responsibilities for preser­vation of biod­iversity, endangered species and the lands impor­tant for future survival of the earth and its peo­ples.


* The is a revised version of an article entitled "An Assessment of Biodiversity in Cuba," which previously appeared in the 1995 Inter-American Dialogue Report, The Environment in the U.S.-Cuban Relations: Opportunities and Challenges.  The editor acknowledges the permission of the Inter-American Dialogue to publish this article.



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