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Volume One                                                                   Winter 1998-Spring 1999                                                               Numbers 3-4.




   Peter McKenna                                                   John M. Kirk

   Department of Political                                       Latin American Stud­ies

   and Canadian Studies                                        Dalhousie University

   Mount Saint Vincent University                         Halifax, Nova Scotia 

   Halifax, Nova Scotia                                           B3H 3J5 Canada

   B3M 2J6 Canada              


    Published online: December 15, 2016





Given the rigid and anachronistic nature of United States policy toward Castro's Cuba, Canada's favorable relations with the revolutionary govern­ment provide an interesting contrast in style and approach to the so-called "Cuba problem."  Canada has emerged as one of Cuba's most important trading partners and Canadians represent the single largest number of tourists visiting Cuba.  This article analyzes the nature of developments in Canadian-Cuban relations since 1993.  Bilateral relations are discussed in the context of political, trade, economic and diplomatic issues.  The article emphasizes the new approach of "constructive engagement" by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and the current Liberal government.  Some of the issues examined are expanding trade relations, opposition to the U.S. Helms-Burton law, the March 1997 human rights accord between the two countries, and Ottowa's call for Cuba's reintegration into the Organiza­tion of American States (OAS).  The article also examines the prospects for Canadian-Cuban relations in the coming millennium.

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